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Resources For Remedies

The links on this page will provide you with invaluable study material, templates and guides. If you are needing a remedy for your particular situation, you may find the help you need in the vast amount of information that will be uncovered in the links below.


Here are some excellent links from Yusef El's site, HighFrequencyRadioNetwork.com. Bookmark these pages for future reference!

PDF files for study: http://highfrequencyradionetwork.com/pdf-files/

Templates and guides: http://highfrequencyradionetwork.com/templates/

Case law: http://highfrequencyradionetwork.com/case-law/

Interesting links: http://highfrequencyradionetwork.com/links/

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The Process by Which Failure is Changed to Success

Excerpt from the "Master Key System"

This is the process by which failure is changed to success. Thoughts of courage, power, inspiration, harmony, are substituted for thoughts of failure, despair, lack, limitation and discord, and as these thoughts take root, the physical tissue is changed and the individual sees life in a new light, old things have actually passed away, all things have become new, he is born again, this time born of the spirit, life has a new meaning for him, he is reconstructed and is filled with joy, confidence, hope, energy. He sees opportunities for success to which he was heretofore blind. He recognizes possibilities which before had no meaning for him. The thoughts of success with which he has been impregnated are radiated to those around him, and they in turn help him onward and upward; he attracts to him new and successful associates, and this in turn changes his environment; so that by this simple exercise of thought, a man changes not only himself, but his environment,
circumstances and conditions.

Charles F. Haanel

Financial Halo


Financial Halo was launched to solve a major concern in the U.S. for 90 million families: debt.

Month after month, year after year, good hard-working people are responsibly paying their bills on time each month but are not getting anywhere financially. Most people would agree, the game of life is all about INCREASING YOUR NET WORTH.

This is the most important formula in your life: Net Worth = Assets minus Liabilities (debts). What most people do is focus on increasing their assets, and that is a good thing. But it is also true that reducing and removing liabilities dramatically and effectively increases net worth. We’re going to show you how to do BOTH.


Our Mission Statement is our promise to you:

"To enhance, preserve and protect the financial well-being of those who place their trust in us, helping people to develop financial strategies to overcome stress by providing proven, high-integrity products and services that exceed expectations while removing debt, anxiety and worry from our customers lives. We will heal relationships and save families from the burden of financial uncertainty."

Over the last decade, watching the debt load of Americans increase year after year and seeing the numbers of people in financial crisis multiply has been a sobering experience.

If families are going to survive and thrive, THIS CANNOT CONTINUE AND MUST STOP.

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Financial HALO

Financial Halo Information:The pace of development increased dramatically this past week for us. A lot of things are now starting to come together and it will only get better each week. Here's a quick update:

  • MyAcceleratorHalo - Save literally thousands, if not tens of thousands in interest.
  • MyTaxHalo - IRS issues over $12,000 taxes due.
  • MyCreditHalo - Improve credit report scores.
  • MyForexHalo - Fully Robotic Software that trades the Forex Market (remember this runs on an entirely separate web site than Financialhalo.com or .net sites).

 Communication and Information: 

FinancialHalo Enrollment Link at  http://financialhalo.net/hawaii.
FinancialHalo Webinar Replays at  http://financialhaloblog.com/events

Please ensure that you visit the blog to keep informed.

IMPORTANT:  in order to receive updates and announcements by email, you must OPT-IN in at the blog site in order to receive our system email (we will also continue this email format until we are certain most everyone has opted in). You can do this on the blog site; please do so at your soonest possible convenience. There is so much going on and you nor your teams will want to miss a thing.

WEBINAR: Every Saturday 10am pst / 1pm est

Reserve your Webinar seat now.
Click here to register: http://financialhaloblog.com/events

Make Money Now:  Please know that you don't need to wait until soft-launch & pre-launch to start making money immediately.

We have two Halos representing billion dollar industries waiting for you with MyForexHalo and MyTaxHalo. We introduced MyAcceleratorHalo,d MyCreditHalo, and MySecurityHalo. It may still be beta launch but that doesn't mean you can't do business NOW.  Many of you are taking full advantage of our extremely lucrative model and we applaud you for taking the initiative. Every successful business needs a customer acquisition strategy and you now have one. Go for it!

Team Building:  Nothing grows without seeds and to have an ever expanding, dynamic Financial Halo business, you must plant the seeds.In our business, seeds are GUESTS to the webinar or video replays on the blog EVENTS page.  Your business will not grow without guests so we encourage you to commit to get one guest on each webinar. If you want a serious business, you must be serious about building it. Nothing will ever happen without immediate action; the time is now to spread the word about the Financial Halo business opportunity.

FREE Associate Enrollment:  Grandfather Program - $149 Initial Associate Fee is waived for all associates joining by January 31st midnight pst and $99 associate annual renewal fee is waived FOREVER for all associates joining by February 28th, midnight PST.

However, you still may need to OPT in on our blog to ensure you are also in the company list for important updates at http://financialhaloblog.com