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Anthony Martinez & Associates Launches New Audit

Anthony Martinez & Associates Launches New Audit to Help Borrowers and Counsel Fight Unlawful Foreclosures

Foreclosure defense attorneys now have a new tool at their disposal that could help keep borrowers in their homes.

Anthony Martinez & Associates, the most advanced foreclosure litigation consulting, strategy and expertise firm in the foreclosure arena, has developed an advanced Foreclosure Defense Case Audit & Analysis Report that is now available to borrowers and their defense counsel.

“The FDCAA Report is significantly different from a securitization audit report,” says Anthony Martinez, Executive Director of AMA. “The FDCAA Report outlines the loan background but also factually identifies the complaint flaws and falsities.”

According to Martinez, the FDCAA report is specifically designed to find inaccuracies, frauds and other hidden anomalies in an unlawful foreclosure action. It also:

  • Factually identifies any lack of standing
  • Contains recommendations based on AMA’s experience and expertise
  • Provides direct allegation denials, applicable affirmative defenses, counterclaims, cross-claims, grounds for dismissal and grounds for judgment on the pleadings

“The report also provides a complete discover outline,” Martinez says. “The FDCAA Report is not designed to be attached as an exhibit to a pleading and is only designed as a reference tool. However, the Affidavit of Findings and Fact attached to the report may be attached to a pleading.”

The audit and analysis is comprehensive as AMA uses proprietary systems to cross-reference allegations, dates, validate signatures, verifications, affidavits, chains of loan ownership and public record filing, all of which are attached to the FDCAA report.

For more information about the FDCAA Report, contact Anthony Martinez at, or call (305) 908-1755.


About Anthony Martinez & Associates

Since 2007, AMA has provided dedicated foreclosure defense litigation consulting, strategy and expertise services across the United States. AMA has worked on hundreds of cases to help successfully defend foreclosure litigation.

AMA is not a law firm. AMA is led by its Executive Director, Anthony Martinez, a highly respected and sought-after foreclosure defense litigation consulting expert, seminar speaker and webinar presenter. He is a fact, rebuttal and expert witness in foreclosure cases as well as other civil and criminal litigation matters.

To learn more about Anthony Martinez & Associates, visit, or call (305) 908-1755.

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Does Your Mortgage Lender Owe You Money Back? A LOT? – You Are Law

What Really Happened When You Get a Mortgage?

Does your so called lender actually owe you the money which YOU created – back?

To see what is really going on with mortgages and YOU are the only one brining in the value to the transaction, so let’s start with the so called “loan” application to open an “account’.  On that application you are required to provide the PERSON’s SSN (the ALL CAPS NAME ENTITY with that NAME and SSN you have been using your whole life), and other identifying information. However, to create the promissory note curiously does not require that information…because you and your magical signature are the provider of the funds, which then re-appears as a credit coming in from the bank at closing. Follow the link below for more...

Source: Does Your Mortgage Lender Owe You Money Back? A LOT? – You Are Law

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BofA delivers on $7 billion promise to mortgage customers | 2015-02-18 | HousingWire

BofA delivers on $7 billion promise to mortgage customers | 2015-02-18 | HousingWire.

By Brenda Swanson - HousingWire Newsletter

Bank of America (BAC) is starting to deliver on its $7 billion consumer-relief obligations required under its Aug. 20 2014 settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and six states.

Bank of America failed to make accurate and complete disclosure to investors and its illegal conduct kept investors in the dark,” said Rhea Kemble Dignam, regional director of the SEC’s Atlanta office.  “Requiring an admission of wrongdoing as part of Bank of America’s agreement to resolve the SEC charges filed today provides an additional level of accountability for its violation of the federal securities laws.”

The settlement went on record as the biggest settlement to date, surpassing similar settlements by other banks like JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Citigroup (C), which reached $13 billion and $7 billion settlements, respectively.

Eric Green, independent monitor of the agreement, stated in the first of his required reports on the bank’s consumer relief activities that the bank claimed a credit of $8,948,684 for the initial batch of 100 first-lien mortgages. This group of 100 mortgages received various modifications – including forgiveness of principal, reduction of interest rates, and bringing delinquent loans current without penalt. The nearly $9 million in credit is how much those modifications cost the bank.

"Examination of the first batch of 100 loans amounts to a test drive, assessing Bank of America's plan for delivering much-needed assistance to homeowners and its methodology for calculating how the assistance qualifies for credit under the settlement agreement," Green said.

"The bank is extending relief to tens of thousands of homeowners, and in coming months we should get a clearer picture of how quickly the bank has delivered on its consumer relief obligations, how much of what kind of relief has been delivered, and where relief has been distributed," he said.

He did note that the first 100 loan modifications are being used mostly to test monitoring standards and procedures but are too small a sample from which to draw all-encompassing conclusions about the consumer relief Bank of America will deliver in the future.

The loan modifications – including forgiveness of principal, reduction of interest rates, and bringing delinquent loans current without penalty – are meant to help struggling homeowners by making their mortgages more affordable.

Bank of America is required to provide $7 billion of consumer relief  by Aug. 31, 2018. The categories of relief include not only loan modifications but new loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers, donations toward community reinvestment and neighborhood stabilization and support for affordable low-income rental housing.

"For many, if not most, Americans, family and the family home are core values, at the center of the lives they hope to live. Owning a family home is the dream. Losing that home is the nightmare," Professor Green said. "This settlement agreement acknowledges that the bank has committed to do its part to help repair the dream and avert the nightmare for those still in their homes but struggling with their mortgage payments."