Quiet Title Templates

Quiet Title Template Downloads Will Be Discontinued On Friday April 12, 2013. Buy Now if You Think That You Will Need Them.

QT Templates Have Been Reinstated!

As a Bonus, The Administrative Process Template Pack Will be Given to You For Free! (Saving You $89.00)

The Quiet Title Template Pack ONLY $67.00
What’s Included:

  • Complete Template Set for Quiet Title Action (26 Document Templates)
  • Complete Template Set for QWR and Discovery (16 Document Templates)
  • Sample “Action to Quiet Title” Complaint
  • Loan & Securitization Audit Document Submission Check List
  • Loan & Securitization Audit Order Form & Agreement
  • Complete Audit-Pak Included
  • PLUS! Docucuments Citing Case Law, Tutorials, Articles, and Reference Materials.(These items are continually being researched and updated. We will make the updated documents and resouces available to you through periodic emails and downloads at no extra cost.)

Our QT-Pack is a complete document template package. Includes all Administrative-Discovery document templates, and all Quiet Title Action document templates. They are provided ready for editing and customization for your particular need.

An “Action to Quiet Title” or “Quiet Title Action” is a lawsuit brought in a court having jurisdiction over land disputes, in order to establish a party’s title to real property against anyone and everyone, and thus “quiet” any challenges or claims to the title.

It comprises a complaint that the ownership (title) of a parcel of land or other real property is defective in some fashion, typically where title to the property is ambiguous.


  ONLY $67.00

Or you may pay with Three 1 oz .999 Fine Silver Round. (about $60)

Call 707-413-6545 for payment details when paying with silver.

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